Gettin The Gin Out

A collection of poems written circa 2009.

[accordion][accordion_item title=”10,000 years old” open=”true”]

Attention, Attention

Give your black child more attention, more than your blackberry.

Help Haiti and Milwaukee and Gary and Detroit and South Africa.

There are black kids dying every day, physically, mentally and spiritually…..electronically….

Attention, Attention, Attention

Put it on paper because one minute it’s here and the next minute it’s not.

But maybe that was the influence to get me to this thought,
but then did you miss the most important thought that you ever would have thunk,
so it was a gift and a curse.

As a black man you feel your whole life feeling that just being alive is a good thing.
Wasting life, which is time, is the worst sin men makes,
because time cannot be bought with any amount of money,
death is like a distant cousin, you know his ugly broke ass is close
but you still don’t wana acknowledge him.
The most surest thing in the world is death and yet it is what we act the most surprised when it happens.
Death is like a mother in law, she always comes at the wrong time.
Let me stop, don’t explore what you know not about.

I must add, I’ve heard you die when you no longer want to live.

My desire is to be the best and that will take at least 100 years,
and with that 100, I will live for 10,000.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Definition of My Love”]Yesterday I wanted to f**k you,
Today I f**ked you,
Tomorrow I want to love you
[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Brother’s Keeper”]Your brother’s with the enemy,
Knowing he’s not a friend to me,
Got my blood boiling, now my fluids in a frenazy,
a place he did lend me, but only to offeney me,

Cain killed Abel, so the signs I can’t mis take, and Abel trusting Cain was Abel’s fatal mistake,
my own brother might not think this is in distaste, like colon dash upside down smiley face,
like the feeling of your place being my space,

It’s hard to walk in the shadow of a genius,
or maybe it’s the other way like Serena & Venus.
[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”UW Worries”]Struggles in the streets, pain got me vivid,
Maybe my mind cant go a step back like a pivot

Look back to see where the hell I been,
Look back on childhood and look at where are all my friends

Most got children, others different issues,
From jail bars to hood stars, it’s all scar tissue

Even me arrested, detested and degraded,
And the thing about it, I could’ve paid for the shit

Damn, now the bitch done got me for damn near 4 stacks,
Seize my bank, like I’m manufacturing crack

Account negative, only got cash in my pocket,
Yea I fuck hoes, just got off topic.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Careless”]I wake up daily, nothing to do
Ahh, it feels great to have nothing to do
Haven’t worked a day in about 4-5 years
Haven’t even ate fast food in about 4-5 years
I have homes scattered all around the city
Everyday I just meet people all around the city
People give me money, like all the time
All I do is think of money like all the time
Im cocky also, turn away when I see a bum
But I live daily homeless, I am a bum[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Technology”]Technology drowned society like watering down a liquid.
Yes, there is more liquid, but less and less concentrated, potent and pure.
It’s creates multitude of artificiality from a genuine base.

It’s immediacy slows conversation to a whimper.
Where whispers are digitally remastered and then your tube morphed into YouTube,
where more people ask Google than ask God.

Effectively implanting televisions into our palms, we call them handhelds and give them PDA.[/accordion_item][/accordion]