Letter to my unborn son

Letter to my unborn son,

Dad, tell me what it was like when you were a boy. 

See we come from the Pimp Capital of the World. From Pimpin Ken to Pimp Snooky to Latrell Sprewell, Milwaukee men have a habit of being great in negativity.  In this so called land of freedom, we were plagued with Unemployment, over incarceration and miseducation. So I did what I saw them do, I used women. 

I used their cars

I used their money 

I used their bodies 

All for my pleasure. 

So what changed you dad?

Well we will get to that

See you know how your mom says I’m arrogant, well let me tell you why. 

When you grow up being told you are the worst, then you tell yourself you’re the best to even it out. See that’s why anywhere you go in the world you can point a Milwaukee n***a out.  You might be able to tell by his Cartiers, used foreign and loud clothes but even more when you hear him talk. He’s going to say things like, fam, family, famo, bro, bubbler and true tramp and “it makes sense if you don’t think about it”

Give him a week, some Hennessy and one outfit and he’ll come back with a chick, her car, her house keys and her social security number. 

So what changed?

Well we started to use all our game for goodness. Khalif Rainey wore those same Cartiers in the business journal and wrote legislation that brought healthy food to our Neighborhoods. The kids stopped eating fake foods like Flamin hots and started eating soul food grown from the earth. You truly are what you eat.

Darriene Driver revamped the school system so every child coming out of high school knew how to code, work in robotics and had an apprenticeship so they were prepared for success in today’s digital world. That’s why I sent you to King like you Uncle Khalif. 

YES used those loud colors to create T-Shirts, that turned into parties that turned into an entrepreneurship program that started 1,000 new business in our community. This created over 20,000 new jobs and we bought back the Capital Drive. 

Steph Crosley used the Hennessy and club to bring the Women out the clubs. See after she led the 40 day p***y protest, then all of the men got their shit together. No p***y for hurting other black men, no p***y for disrespecting women, no p***y for anything that disrespects our community. No p***y without marriage. Wait, yup that’s why me and your mom got married, this almost independently eliminated teen pregnancy and single parent households. 

Kevin Newell and Brandon Rule reinvested their developer fees into the neighborhood starting the countries largest homeownership program.  All these new young families needed a stable home and they provided it. 

I don’t have time to mention all the other countless individuals and organizations that turned Milwaukee into the Cookies and Creme City, but it was thousands of us, truly a great sight to see. Those thousands now witness the third great migration, thousands more moving from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, LA to Milwaukee, WI.

See after everybody in the world saw us getting our shit together then all over the world, black men started to learn knowledge of self. We are not just pimps, and players, actors and entertainers, but are much more. We are the inventors of mathematics, the architects of the wonders of the world, Queens and Kings mentioned in the Bible. After all that was taken from us, in just 165 years since the end of slavery, we have mastered a whole new language to where, everyone wants to be bad and bougie, mastered sports to where the greatest athlete on earth is a black man, mastered fashion to where just your name sells your clothes, from Karl Kani to Jordan to Jay-Z to Yeezy. Mastered science that created blood transfusions, gas masks, the peanut and soybean industry. We are those men. 

That’s why we recite this pledge every night as we will tonight:

I am the strongest creation on earth, I have been shackled, shipped, shamed, maimed, tamed, stripped of my culture, dumbed down, doped up, and duped into thinking that I was anything less than greatness personified. I’m young, I’m black and I’m free. And that’s the best feeling in the world.